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Role of miRNAs and epigenetics in neural stem cell fate determination. Non-invasive brain stimulation has shown promising results in neurorehabilitation for motor-impaired stroke patients, by rebalancing the relative involvement of each hemisphere in movement generation. Hepatocyte polyploidization and its association with pathophysiological processes. Adenosquamous carcinoma of pancreas: CT and MR imaging features in eight patients, with pathologic correlations and comparison with adenocarcinoma of pancreas. The method may be useful for the structural analysis of the carbohydrates of glycoconjugates and other naturally occurring oligosaccharides.
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In keeping with the antigenic and genetic differences between SIVs circulating in Europe and the US, the vaccines for each region are produced locally and contain different strains. Epidemic cholera in Trujillo, Peru 1992: utility of a clinical case definition and shift in Vibrio cholerae O1 serotype. Subjects were asked to complete a 38-item questionnaire designed for this study, and the Wood mental fatigue inventory (WMFI). Reversible memory disorders in an older patient caused by epilepsy
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Behavior of pigment cells on lesions of the pigmented venus with vitiligo. Ageing is a stochastic process which leads to a gradual decline in cellular, tissue and even organ function, especially in energy dependent postmitotic tissues like skeletal muscle, brain and heart. Captured mosquitoes were pooled by each species, date collected, and location and used for DNA extraction.
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We prospectively assessed the association of continued sedentariness and of changes in ST for 2 yr with subsequent long-term all-cause mortality. With this technique, we readily detected immunoglobulin A antibody in feces from infantile gastroenteritis patients. Samples were obtained monthly from 2 (beginning of cafeteria diet-feeding) to 6 months of age. Women were considered to have a history of chronic vulvar pain if they reported vulvar burning lasting more than 3 months or vulvar pain on contact. The results of the present study strongly support the hypothesis that growth hormone administration may play an important role in conditions of impaired/activated immune systems.
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No evidence was found for a higher incidence of cranial nerve injuries after carotid surgery due to a high carotid lesion. In 29 cases out of 31, an anatomical cause of the failure was found and rectified. Etiology and severity of symptoms of fecal incontinence: is there a correlation? These substrates contain the PXX/X(Hy) consensus motif (where X(Hy) is a hydrophobic residue) and are not generally selective for MMP-2 over the other MMPs tested.
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